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Warm up

A usual warm up session, or Mobility as its known, will last 15 minutes, which comprises of jogging, agility, movement and stretching.



One of the best ways to improve conditioning and coordination; it also plays a huge part in endurance, agility and most importantly footwork, a key part in the sport.

If you have never skipped before, don’t be put off by the initial frustration that the rope will cause, within a week or two you will be able to ‘Jump Rope’ (a form of skipping).

Workouts in the club range from 10 minutes to half an hour, depending on experience, one thing is for sure, you will enjoy it.


Sparring is one of the most important elements of a boxers training and is always carried out under the supervision of the coaches, safety always comes first.

The use of sparring gloves, gum shields, and head guards are mandatory and have to be provided by the boxer himself. Depending on the experience levels, round times may vary but generally range from 1.1/2 to 3.00 min rounds, this gives the boxer a feel for what to expect. However, if you do not want to box competitively, yet have been attending classes, performing well on the bags etc you will get the chance to spar with one of the boxers or someone with the same desire as you, sparring will generally always be available during every training session.


Speed Ball

During the Bag workout, you will be able to learn and understand how the speed ball works; it's not as easy as it looks!

The speed ball, like the first time you pick up the skipping rope, will test your mental resolve, but with practice and determination, you will get there!!

Heavy bag

This bag will really make you work it allows a boxer to hit the bag as hard as he/she can with little movement coming back, enabling you to work that little bit harder.

Increasing your work rate on the heavy bag will probably cause a build up of lactate, not to be feared though, once this settles, you will feel great!. Safety is also very important; hand wraps and bag gloves are mandatory and must be provided by the boxer these will be required before you start.

Bag work outs last approx 3 minutes, naturally if you’re a beginner you can take you time, one of the coaches will be around to offer advice and help improve technique etc.

Circuit training

Whether you are competing or just want to get fit, these sessions are designed to push you to your limit.

Sessions usually range from 15-30 mins, comprising a number of exercises which are carried out in quick succession; the atmosphere in the club is fantastic, with every member pushing their club mate to the max.

If you’re a beginner or want to improve your fitness level the coaches are there to help motivate you in achieving your goals.

Keep fit

This form of training will be like no other training you have ever had, one thing is for sure, and you will have never felt better!

Boxing training will enable you to be as fit as you have ever been, if not fitter. Sessions start with a good warm up, moving onto circuits, then a bag circuit.

Do not be surprised to lose 4 pounds in a session – naturally this will then be replaced with fluids once you finish.

You will find that people from different walks of life are now participating in the classes, the secret is finally out, if you want to get fit – head to your local boxing gym!

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