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(bovril, pies and elderly gentlemen)


This group made up of 14 elderly gentlemen who range from 60 to 89 yrs the group meets on a Tuesday morning some of the men suffer from Dementia, they share a love of sport as many have participate in this area i.e cyclists, rugby players, marathon runners and football players. the group enables them to talk about sport and to socialise. The group has been meeting for about three years and they refer to it as "their club" , they have reqular speakers talking about their sporting glories (past and present) and enjoy pie and bovril at half time.

On the 2nd of February 2016 , Douglas Fraser (secretary) and Drew Tait (delegate) welcomed the group to our clubrooms for a visit, we began by providing a cup of tea and some biscuits while Douglas gave a talk on the history of the club followed by a tour of the gym and museum. 


below are some photographs of this event.


Below is a copy of the Spring Edition of the Haddington Active Memories Group highlighting the  visit of there Sporting Memories Group section to Leith Victoria A.A.C 

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